Who We Are

The Aircraft Exchange Network is the leading sales website for a consortium of independent Certified Aircraft Brokers who are passionate about setting a standard of excellence in aircraft brokering and sales. Each Certified Aircraft Broker is responsible for the content of his or her online aircraft listing, answering questions from potential buyers, presenting offers to sellers, and uploading pictures.

How To Use This Website

The Aircraft Exchange Network website provides a sales showcase of aircraft listings in chronological order beginning with the earliest year first. If you see an aircraft that interests you, simply click on Detailed Listing to view aircraft specifications and pictures. If you want to enlarge a picture, simply "left click" twice on the picture. The name, phone number, and email address for the broker handling the listing is shown at the bottom of the aircraft listing page. The majority of the Listings on the website are for used aircraft, but some new Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are also advertised.

Important information on How to Buy an Airplane and How to Sell an Airplane is also provided on this website.